Daily Holy Mass live online

Daily catholic Holy Mass live online

If you want to watch the online broadcast of the Holy Mass click in the church name in the calendar below.


363 Responses to Daily Holy Mass live online

  1. John George says:

    I write from Malaysia .

    I want to bless the Lord and I want to thank Father today, right now, for having given me the confidence in the majesterium when I attended mass online. I always had doubts but Father’s words spoke to me in a very convincing manner. I believe in the majesterium now , fully, without doubt.

  2. thao tran says:

    I watch mass every morning, thank God

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for this very useful resource you provide daily… I was blessed to find it at the start of this pandemic and have used it almost daily to partake in Holy Mass in so many different areas of the globe. What an absolute treasure you offer to everyone. Thank you.

  4. Brian says:

    Such a marvellous service to the Church. But many of celebrants have a habit of dropping their voice at the end of phrases and sentences so the final word is often inaudible. It can be quite frustrating.

  5. Pat says:

    Joachim, and also most appreciated here in South Africa. May all concerned be truly blessed.

  6. Paul says:

    God bless you for this site. It’s a great resource for those of us unable to attend Mass due to the pandemic.

    • Chinyelu says:

      God bless the Arcbishop of Singapore for his life transforming homilies. We join his mass at 5am from Nigeria.

  7. Loyep kachalan says:

    The Grace of the Lord shines upon all but the ones who take ❤️ in it shall be very grateful in Jesus’name

  8. Ann says:

    Very helpful!

  9. Sr. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you very much for the possibility you are offering to all of us. God bless you. Sr. Elizabeth from Kenya

  10. Pia Crosby says:

    Thank you for making daily Mass available online!

  11. Gerri Clyatt says:

    Thanks to Almighty God, our great and wonderful God for allowing us to participate in the daily and Sunday Mass of our choosing. It has been so inspirational to share in the parishes around the world, their beautiful edifices and their wonderful celebrants. The oneness of the Catholic Church proves to me that we are all children of God. One at his table and one as he distributes his love.

  12. Ruth says:

    All glory to Lord. Thanks for this website. So helpful expecially daily mass and feast days. Hope and pray for everone salvation.

  13. lil sebastian says:

    Thank you so much for providing masses online. It would be nice if there will be more weekday masses held on the actual date like the Sunday masses held on Sundays.

  14. Selvanathan Lourdusamy says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful mass and blessings of Knock Parish Church.
    Every day I cherish my visit in April 2019 to Knock Shrine and the Holy Mass at the Parish Church.
    Glory to Lord Jesus.
    Hail Mary.

  15. Dean Paparella says:

    It would be nice if more than the Latin rite was broadcast.

  16. Sister Mary Carmella says:

    Many blessings on all who helped to make sure that we continue our Daily Mass. Just beginning my Retreat (IHM) and will include all of us in prayer. Sr.Carmella, PA/ USA

  17. Ann Earle says:

    It is a blessing to be able to participate in Mass all around the world. Without live streamed Mass we would have no Mass! Thankyou to every Parish who have made their Mass available.

  18. Johny says:

    Praise God, have been using the link to watch holy mass from past many weeks. Thanks everyone who is supporting this .Watching from India , Bangalore

  19. Gift says:

    Very beautiful, but it is taking time to download. Thanks and God bless

  20. Joachim Adeyemi says:

    I cannot be grateful enough to God and to the iniatiators for keeping my faith alive in the face of the covid 19 pandemic and the restrictions/lockdowns.

    It also demonstrated vividly the oneness and catholicity of the Catholic faith, assisting in the holy Mass, from the corner of my room in Lagos, Nigeria, even in unusual places such as Singapore, UAE, Karachi, USA and UK. God bless you and this initiative more and more. Glory to Jesus! Honour to Mary!


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