Daily Holy Mass live online

Daily Catholic Holy Mass live online

If you want to watch the online broadcast of the Holy Mass click in the church name in the calendar below.

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  1. John George says:

    I would like to say how beautiful the prayed mass at the John Paul II, in Washington this morning [we are at CET – Eastern Time Zone]. I like the manner of the priest and the way he prayed the mass. The cantor, however, though he may have a good singing voice, the somber tune sounds everytime so deadly. My hope is the tone and the type of singing will change to a happier tune ! God bless the priest and the lay for the sacrifices you make for us !

  2. John George says:

    St Francis of Assisi Longmont [U.S] priests may you be continually blessed ! It was heartwarming attending the Mass this Sunday morning. The sermon, kept to a ten minute duration , was so clearly delivered expounding elements of ‘humility’ and’ forgiveness’ . How relevant and timely they seemed as if to reinforce my own convictions by approaching a neighbor on an important issue of parking space !

  3. Toby says:

    Kudos to Vancouver Cathedral. The preaching is virile, orthodox and unfraid: the experience is a little like having rocks rolled over you. This guy is not afraid of the Canadian Government :O)

    Even from a merely technical point of view: the mass at Vancouver Cathedral is an excellent livestream experience.

    *All* masses are impressive, majestic, numinous. This is because at each mass we are made present at the one and only Passion of Our Lord.

    This said: the livestream of the mass at Vancouver Cathedral is particularly engaging and effective.

    They have taken pains to create a seamlessly integrated on-screen experience: using various camera angles, detail focus shots and so on. They’ve done what they can to remove the distance between us and Holy Mass. Well done!

  4. Toby says:

    Knock Parish Church: 7th January 2021

    My heartfelt thanks to the lady cantor with the thrillingly beautiful voice. She sang & responded during the Mass and the preceding Rosary.

    We recently lost someone dear to us, and hearing an extraordinary voice like hers has been a great consolation.

    (Thank you to the technician. You waited to end the livestream until after a suitable period had passed after the end of the recessional hymn. We appreciate your attention to detail)

  5. Susie says:

    I am so very grateful for this site. It has gotten me through this pandemic and still does. I connect most each and every day. I have ‘attended’ mass all around the world at various times of the day and night. Truly thankful. May God bless you and yours.

  6. Toby says:

    Knock Shrine, Ireland – it’s *really good* that you have hymns during and at the end of mass. We can all join in the singing!

    However: if you do have a recesssional hymn please take care that the live stream ends *after* the end of that hymn.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    The Mass at Syracuse Parish, 9pm London UK time was lively and uplifting. The music was Excellent and the sermon too. Thanks so much.

  8. John George says:

    The Mass in the Philippines [Divine Word Missionaries this morning was said by a priest so humble and kind. His sermon was both friendly instructional and spoke directly to our hearts. He assured us about Christ being Emmanual and took away our unnecessary fears of the afflictions around us especially Covid19 which he said in comparison God was so much greater and can and will protect us. His sermon also expounded on Listening to and obeying the word which he so deftly placed in our minds and hearts. The musical accompaniment and choir seemed so perfect with no single voice dominating . It seemed as if it was reheased in heaven. May more priests and lay, follow his example in spreading the Word of God. Blessed be God and peace to all His people in the new year before us.

  9. Ramon Garcia says:

    Are the times listed, the actual local times of those countries or US time? If the later, EST, PST…?
    Also, would you know where could I find a link for, specifically, DAILY MASSES in Spain?
    Thank you very much and God bless you,

    • admin says:

      Holy Mass time is at your local device time zone (current time zone is shown at calendar left down corner). You can find Spanish Holy Masses at this webpage. God bless You!

  10. Marinus says:

    Aku sangat cinta kepada Yesus Kristus

  11. John George says:

    To the priest at Knoxville Cathedral U.S.A, thank you for your strong voice at the mass.

    Apparently your first words are very audible but the rest of your words are swallowed and we cannot hear what you pray. It is important that we follow every word said at the mass. Could you please be consistent with your strong voice throughout and not go silent after you have said the first few.

    God bless you the sacrifice you make for all of us. !

  12. Ursula Mcintosh says:

    Been reviewing all knowledgeable Bible interpretation. An when I attended a Catholic service, it was very interesting. I do purchase the Rosary, an just love being a spiritual human being, living right an doing the will of God. God bless you all an be safe an healthy in every way ❣️

  13. Mayra says:

    How does one get our own church mass added to this list? This is such a great resource and u would love to attend our vibrant priest to this list. Do you only add bilingual and English mass? Or could you add Spanish only mass? Thank you and God bless !

  14. John George says:

    Dear Fathers across the catholic church,

    I wish to ask if you would consider a modified version of the prayer for spiritual communion.

    For your convenience I write the modified version which I think helps us to pray with faith and not in doubt. I opened inverted commas where the words of the prayer have been modified and made more relevant:

    Lord Jesus, I believe you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come “Lord” spiritually into my heart. I embrace You “believing’ You are already “here” and “I” unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

    • V Hamill says:

      I have been viewing Mass since Original lockdown,the shortened vermouth have written is the ONLY one used in India,Australia S Africa Ireland and England

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