Daily Holy Mass live online

Daily catholic Holy Mass live online

If you want to watch the online broadcast of the Holy Mass click in the church name in the calendar below.

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490 Responses to Daily Holy Mass live online

  1. Maddy says:

    Pray for good outcome for my 2 disciplinary meetings. May i still keep my job, return to work and continue working in a job i love.

  2. Pross says:

    Thank you for online masses for some of us it’s a ray of hope.

    Please pray for me as I look after my family. I am looking for a job please pray for me to get one soon.

  3. John George says:

    I felt truly overwhelmed by the Mass at the Abu Dhabi Church this evening . The priest and the readers and instrumentalists and singers were all so perfect in their worship duties. I wish to have the opportunity to thank each one and the priest who said the mass and gave such a meaningful sermon.
    Gods peace for all .

  4. Cyndi says:

    Thank you for the online masses. I am able to hear masses celebrated anywhere in the world during this pandemic. I also enjoy looking up the churches where the masses were held. It’s like going in a pilgrimage tour, only this, time, virtually. I pray for the end of this pandemic so that I can hear masses again in the churches of places I visit.

    I pray for the healing of my brother Lorenzo, and all those who are afflicted with the coronovirus 2 and are in isolation from their families.

    I pray for all the poor souls in purgatory, may the Lord grant them eternal rest.

  5. Martin Gaspar says:

    I amd from Singapore. I had the honor of participating in the holy mass on-line by the Hague, Netherlands.
    Lovely mass by 2 wonderful priests.

    Thank you Very much and God Bless

    Martin Gaspar

  6. Chuks says:

    I’m happy I could join the 8:00 mass in Cambridge parish Uk, I’m from Nigeria, still going through covid and financial crisis as a student. I pray the God bless and grant our heart desires oh lord.

  7. Francisco Portista says:

    Eete é um site maravilhoso. Só gostaria que tivesse missas em outras línguas também.

    This is a wonderful website. I only wish that it had Masses in other languages too (especially Portuguese!).

  8. David James Michael Lench says:

    Many thanks for the enthralling sermon from St Aloysius Jackson NJ today.The good priest explained how the remains of the 3 wise men venerated in Cologne Germany have been verified as of the correct time of Jesus and fit the traditional reference.We praise the Lord.

    • John George says:

      i would love to hear more about this . I had never heard about this before . Please elaborate and thank you in advance.

  9. Marie Pauline Sauzier says:

    How amazing it is to be able to watch snd join in the on line Mass.We are truly blessed.

  10. Evans Almeida says:

    Thank you for Mass on line. I was able to attend Mass yesterday in Mumbai- St Patrick’s and today in Australia -St. Joseph Cathedral, Rockhampton. All from my bedroom, as I recover, in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Have a Blessed day to you all.

  11. David says:

    Many thanks to all those who thought about the need for people like me who have to quarantine. The Holy Mass is life and you have given me that great gift today.

  12. Augustina Mba says:

    Thank God for the opportunity of hearing Mass even when it is not possible to attend physically.

  13. Geoffrey says:

    I read somewhere that the most watched Bishop in Australia on YouTube is not in one of the capital cities, but in Lismore, a town in Northern NSW. Bp Greg Homeming’s homilies are amazing!

  14. Angie says:

    Thank you for this. I was able to attend virtually a beautiful Catholic Mass. I will be sharing with my mother. I am very immunosuppressed so I don’t get out much during this Pandemic except for my medical appointments (must travel tomorrow for 2 1/2 hours to my transplant check up) so this mass meant a lot.

    Please pray for the souls of Beth Spidy who passed away and I don’t know if her soul was saved or not. Please also pray for the souls of my murdered cousins (Canada) Doug and Marian Fischer who I also am not sure what state their souls were in but they were always nice to us and let us stay there when I had to go to Sick Kids hospital in Toronto as a child. Please also pray for a young man named Nathan who died suddenly from something to do with his Heart I believe. And I pray for my brother Shawn P. Essery and his only daughter who has strayed from the Faith and for Sins of the Flesh. I also pray for my other brother and his mother-in-law who is in hospital. I also want to pray for all the souls who do not yet know God or deny God or even make fun of the Catholic Faith has they do not yet know God or believe in God. I also pray for all the women who consider or have gotten Abortions. I know one lady who has gotten a LOT of abortions and keeps getting them. Lord have Mercy. Amen.

    • Angie says:

      I also want to pray for my mother who refuses to get surgery so she has a temp object in her body. She is afraid even though she knows for a fact that Jesus is with her. Please keep Susan in your prayers. Lord of Mercy. Amen.

  15. Sally Wineke says:

    It seemed like I heard the voice of an angel at the 7:15 PM mass tonight. Also the fact that she was never shown but saying anonymously made it so precious her voice so clear so bright so full of love and adoration was tremendously uplifting The reverence which father showed in saying and praying the mass added greatly to my own sense of worship. Thank you so much Father and thank you to that sweet angel voice that we were privileged to hear.

  16. jaelajae says:

    Today is the Feast of Jesus, the Eternal and High Priest (first Thursday after Pentecost)– observed in certain parts of the world e.g Australia, England, Wales. Heartfelt thanks to this Online Mass resource, I’m able to observe this Feast and participate spiritually even if Im in a country where this isnt liturgically observed, and rediscover the beauty of what it means to be Catholic, ie Universal. God bless you and the work you do in this new evangelisation. God is indeed gracious.

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