Daily Holy Mass live online

Daily Catholic Holy Mass live online

If you want to watch the online broadcast of the Holy Mass click in the church name in the calendar below.

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544 Responses to Daily Holy Mass live online

  1. Gwen sanders says:

    It’s very uplifting to have mass to watch I am not able to get to mass and have not been for ages which I am upset about but watching your programmes cheers me up no end thank uou

  2. Marian Foster says:

    Thank you for making online masses possible for all of us. I have been following a Mass everyday since Ash Wednesday. May God bless all those who are working hard to share God’s love with others.

    • Tom.m.oconnor@gmail.com says:

      Please bless my wife and pray that we will be reconciled after a lengthy separation. Pray for son who needs employment. Thank you for holy mass and homily and God and Holy Mary shower blessings upon you all.

  3. Bill says:

    Please Bless me Lord

  4. Sharon Reese says:

    Pray Our Lady of Knock Mass

  5. Royal UNHRH Matilda Queen Naa Dedei Aryee-Tagoe says:

    Thank you God mission mass broadcast possible. Which I join affirm faith and refresh spirit, in-add kind continue pray for world peace and spirit care for one another. Again I for you all, keep safe God bless Amen

  6. Hector Colon says:

    Thank YOU in sharing services with us –God Bless

  7. Judy says:

    Like on line mass at Knock in Ireland

  8. Sharon Reese says:

    Like Mass in Ireland
    And Lourd

  9. Glory Anyanhun says:

    I really love the online mass

    • Cora says:

      I love it too.
      I was teaching a friend how to get access to it step by step when BLOCKED me wanting me to change browser to Chrome.
      Praying and hoping will be able to open it again without downloading Chrome.

  10. Benz says:

    This website helped us to keep our soul holy during the lockdown

  11. Mariama Rita says:

    Since I discover this site 3 months ago I can’t wait to tune in regularly based on my schedule :from 5 Am to 6:30 and from 6 :30 pm to 9 pm . I am so nourished and peaceful , I am learning so much and growing in faith and closely to God trough the Jesus Christ and Mary . My schedule fits the Masses in Philippines . And fallow 4 churches there . This idea to have masses of all around the world is such a blessing . I am so thankful to God and grateful to every one involved in making sure all run smoothly . Praise and Glory to the All Mighty One God of all time ! Be blessed Amen !!!

  12. Rex Ibharokhonre pio Fransis says:

    Oh lord
    I pray for Devine source of income to help my business grow
    I pray you bless the works of my hand oh lord

  13. Catholic morning prayer says:

    Oh Jesus and Blessed Mary I pervently pray for me and my family’s protection from evil and accidents of any form, keep us all healthy to do our work, help me with my urgent financial needs today and petition for a safe travel with your permission Amen

  14. Polly Lokay says:

    Holy Masses Live online are a blessing! I love them and appreciate being able to see & Hear Holy Mass all over the world! I love that I never have to miss Holy Mass you have Masses for so many hours and then on Utube were I to miss any Mass.

    I saw a Video a few weeks ago after Holy Mass at our Nat’l Shrine in Washington DC. The video was a Priest telling of the training to become a Priest and I am trying to find that fantastic video again. I liked learning that before a Priest can begin to learn how to become a Priest he must attend two years of classes to learn about every aspect of mankind. No other Ministry training offers this type of education prior to their theological training.

    Can you help me to find this video and other video’s like it?

    • Anne Livesey Sheila says:

      Could this have been a visit from a Marian priest from Divine Mercy HQ Massachusetts – Fr Chris Alar?

    • Suzanne Phillips says:

      Yes, check out Divine Mercy on YouTube, it is home of Divine Mercy Shrine, Stockbridge Massachusetts, with Fr. Chris Alar. He teaches on all aspects of our faith and I have heard him say those exact words regarding priestly training vs protestant training.

  15. Yohana Ogom says:

    Amen dear Maria, keep following the true light and may God and Mary accompany you in your Isolation. May all sinners including me stop for once offending and angering our beautiful God and raise up to do his mission which is loving our brothers and sisters and loving each of them and serving each of them like a servant just as Jesus served us and offered his love and taught us something we never knew before; how to love God and others through him. Amen to Mary and all the saints of the holy family of God in heaven. Mary mother blessed queen of Heaven save us from the snares of the evil one, he is always looking for us to devour us, please run quickly with the saints and holy angels armed with greatest power of Jesus which is love, mercy and resurrection to eternal life. Amen.

  16. Irene O says:

    So grateful to God the Son for the beautiful church He left us, for the Sacraments and for His anointed servants and stewards, our priests! Let’s always pray for our beloved Pope Francis, all priests including those officiating on online mass, and religious for their divine protection and pray for the church – the family of God – on earth and purgatory. We pray for conversion of sinners and reparation for sins. May our blessed Mother Mary, all God’s angels and saints pray for us.

    • Evans Almeida says:

      Happy Feast day to all the Irene’s, Irenaeus’s and those who celebrate their feast day today.

  17. Maria Tang says:

    Thanks for the mass online. I’m with covid and in isolation for a number of days. But I still can follow -up the Holy Mass at different times and places. The church is really universal.

  18. Ligaya says:

    I am so grateful for this service which allows me to attend mass everyday . The church that I attend has adoration offered after every mass too ! What a blessing. Thank you very much.

  19. Michael Arnold says:

    I attend one of the Masses daily and am really happy to have this awesome service available in my home. Thank you.So many of the Church’s have the sound very low and sometimes can’t hear at all.

  20. JE says:

    This service was a blessing for me to develop a habit of attending Holy Mass everyday when my work schedule won’t let me attend It in person.

    May the Good God Bless everyone who is enabling this!

  21. Lou says:

    God bless you for offering this service! After checking my local parish’s website to confirm the Mass times for Easter Sunday, I arrived for the last Mass of the day to find a note on the door saying Mass wouldn’t be celebrated at that time. There wasn’t a later Mass at that parish or any other nearby. I was so upset, then realized I might be able to find a live stream Mass in another time zone. This site came to the rescue, and I now have a welcome screen in my browser for a Mass that starts in 30 minutes. It could be a blessing in another way, because attending Mass in person during the pandemic is still giving me enough anxiety to distract me from Mass.

  22. John Kolassa says:

    Thanks for this service.

  23. Susan Gustafson says:

    I thank you all for your service to God and his church. Asked for healing direction and here you all are. Thank you

    This means so much to me. Sharing all this info is an amswer to my prayers. God bless all


  24. Dr. Anthony Okoth Ndira says:

    May the almighty God bless you for what you have done and are still doing; bringing the Eucharist to many souls that would have otherwise not had a chance to receive Him.I shall offer mass for you all in thanks giving for you all this Saturday at 0700hrs EAT.

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