Daily Holy Mass live online

Daily catholic Holy Mass live online

If you want to watch the online broadcast of the Holy Mass click in the church name in the calendar below.


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  1. Matthieu G says:

    What an amazing website! Thank you so much for all the work and effort put into it. It is a real blessing!

  2. John George says:

    The efforts both Clergy and lay by sacrificing time and convenience is remarkable and we thank and bless God. To hear from some priests at the end of mass that some masses have to be cancelled as approximately 40 per cent of those who register do not show up is sad so we pray that everyone who sincerely seeks the face of God and registers to attend the live masses will understand the seriousness of the omission and will turn back to God’s call.

    Incidentally , at one mass today, one church announced immediately after the mass that Santa would be invited to give away presents to the children from the underprivileged communities. As I see it there are two elements of error in that when we pray “Hallowed by Thy Name” that salute is to God and to God only not to Santa or anyone else . My humble point here is that what is sacred cannot and should never be unified with the sacular . Therefore I pray and I hope others will join me both priests and religious not to spoil and taint the minds of innocent children by exalting Santa within Christmas celebrations. Let the parish priest or his assistant deliver the presents and gifts to the children so that their minds are not focused on Santa but on Jesus the Christ.

  3. Linda Dolata says:

    lt is wonderful to have this facility,and such a privilege too to see some of the beautiful churches, Abbeys and other places of worship. Also to be able to find the Latin Mass that l grew up with and know so well. Dziekuje Bardzo

  4. Fern Wampler says:

    I enjoy Mass with the on line sites available, thank you so much for having this. I don’t go out much because of my age. This has been a real “God Send” for me, I feel he wants me to at the Mass this way for awhile. God Bless all who make this possible.

  5. Shaini says:

    This website has been so very helpful to me. I was able to attend Holy Masses from different parts of the world. I really loved it. Thank you so much everyone who is involved in making this possible.

  6. John says:

    i am thankful to all who are involved in the online preparation so that we the faithful can attend during this threat of COVID. I think God tells us something through COVID and that is that no one but all of us have moved away from Him . Hence let us bear in mind to ask forgiveness for ourselves and for the whole world at each mass. Amen

  7. Catherine says:

    Thank you sincerely for this wonderful website .lt has helped me so much during this covid lockdown. I do not have enough words to express my immence gratitude.

  8. Kiara Norman says:

    This is my second time being apart of Mass, I am a nondenominational Christian and would like to know more about Catholicism. If someone see this message and are interested in speaking with me I’ll truly appreciate it.

    • admin says:

      If you want to reply Kiara Norman please reply here, we forward your answer in e-mail to Kiara Norman.

    • Adrianna Carilli says:

      Dear Kiara,

      I would be happy to answer any questions you have about Catholicism. God bless you and I hope we can get in touch.

    • eamon m murphy says:

      dia s muire duit.the Mass is the thing that matters.we catholics are so priviliged ,we have Jesus truly present in the Tabernacle,also He comes at Holy MASS when we do this in memory of Him.It is our time to be present with Him as at Calvary as He offers Himself to the Father for our sins.Then at Holy COMMUNION we eat his BODY and drink His BLOOD.HE is really present with us and gives us His Peace,a Peace the world cannot give.

    • Jenny says:

      Dear Kiara,

      Please watch Scott Hahn’s (He is a Theologian) videos on Youtube. It will help you understand and experience the beauty of Catholicism

  9. Thu Phung says:

    This is a great idea! It has been so useful for our family. Thank you

  10. John A Gardecki says:

    Wonderful mass at Manila Cathedral and early Sunday Mass with great priest there. Available to subscribe free on YouTube. English with Tagalog mixed in, and captions help me tremendiusly as I am partially deaf!

  11. Sister Margaret says:

    Thank you, for televising this Mass to us, inviting us in Chicago to pray along with God’s People all around the world, this remembrance of Jesus’ Sacrifice for us. Thank you, God, for giving the televisors the wisdom to know how to unite us in this marvelous medium of TV.

  12. Vicent Javier says:

    I am on quarantine because I have been found positive, but because of this website I am deeply consoled by the Word of God. Thank you to all behind this project. May God continue to bless your work and make it bear much fruit for the life of his people.

  13. Manju says:

    Thanks for this site.during pandemic we have decided to see mass everyday because of this site.God bless everyone

  14. Joe & Pat says:

    Wonderful,Wonderful, being able to attend Holy Mass every day. My wife has dementia and she loves joining me in pray.After Holy Mass and the Rosary we talk of the old days and the many churches we have been all over the world. When ever we used to go on holiday (vaction) the first opportunity we had was to find all the local churches.. God Bless all people of the faith.

  15. Maria Josefa Ana Torres De Souza says:

    Good afternoon
    I discovered this site during the isolation period in portugal. Now I am so thankful i did becoz my new parish priest can only have friday mass at my parish because he is overburdened with 3 other parishes which means i can still attend daily mass as a pilgrimage worldwide without moving out of my home. And besides its such a blessing to know that i can adore jesus present in so many tabernacles thr the net.

  16. Les Fitzpatrick says:

    wonderful Mass and homily at the cathedral in Knoxville. Thank you & God bless you

  17. Mike says:

    As I am my 92 year old Mum’s main Carer, I have not been able to get to Mass in my Parish Church. Thankyou for displaying words for things like Readings, Responsorial Psalms and Hymns for the Masses. Mum is totally deaf and, as you will appreciate, relies on subtitles or similar helps. God Bless you all!

  18. Kamau says:

    Thanks for this site.God bless you.

  19. Mercedes Reyes says:

    I am grateful for this window to attend masses from the R.C. global community. Wherever I go, I know that my soul will find respite from the travails of being outdoors. Kudos to the website organizers and to the many dedicated folks who make this world a more peaceful and loving place. God bless you!

  20. Paul Turnley says:

    Thank you for your listing of Mass online…it has been a great comfort to be able to attend daily Mass during this pandemic in spite of the Churches being closed until recently. For some of us, due to our age or health, we still are unable or reluctant to go out to Church, so your ministry is so vital during this time.
    May God continue to bless you, your ministry and all who are able to attend Mass through your site.


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