Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls Diocese, USA

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18 Responses to Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls Diocese, USA

  1. Ann says:

    Lovely church. Why not make use of the Communion rail? Kneeling is a beautiful way to receive our Lord in Communion.

  2. Tony Z. says:

    I watch Mass every Saturday or Sunday on a variety of sites. I am currently in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for three months and can attend Mass locally, but since I am not fluent in Portuguese, this is a better choice for me. Thank you.
    Tony Z.

  3. Maggie says:

    Mass and choir …so beautiful

  4. Maria Josefa Ana Torres De Souza says:

    my parish doesnt have daily mass and being able to attend mass daily or very frequently is such a blessing. I began using the link during the lockdown but i continue visiting different churches worldwide. knowing that i’m part of such an gigantic unit of the body of Christ our saviour is magnificient. our God is awesome. May God bless all those responsible for the links, televising , evry priest, every parish and parishioner with whom so many like many are able to share the wonderful gift of the Eucharistic celebrations.Thank you.

  5. paul simmons says:

    Thank you for a beautiful Mass.The girl singing the hymns has an amazing voice.I’ve been watching Church service online since we have have been in lockdown again.Last week i streamed Mass from the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, the week before at Ascension Parish Overland Park Kansas,the week before at St. Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, Australia.
    I live in Sydney,Australia and have never travelled overseas. But by streaming these Masses,i feel like i’m in the Church praying with all the other parishioners.

    Take care and stay safe.

  6. Pat says:

    Beautiful Mass and music/singing.

    • Bernadette and Joseph Chambers Wellington New Zealand says:

      We frequently join you for Sunday Mass and greatly appreciate the homily and the whole sacrifice of the Mass offered with such reverence in your magnificent cathedral which you thoughtfully display for us. God’s blessings on you all

    • Frank says:

      I am a first time viewer.

      Absolutely beautiful homily. I didn’t want it to end.

      But some of the camera views were faded and lacking contrast.
      Either the lenses are dirty or the cameras need replacing.

      But a beautiful Mass.

      I will return.

  7. Maureen Cartlidge says:

    I enjoy your homily Thank you Father and your beautiful Cathedral
    Please pray for an end to this virus?

    I have already been to mass in my own church Our Lady of the Assumption Liverpool England

  8. Mary P Smith says:

    Watching from Prescott Valley, AZ
    Thank you!

  9. Jennifer Davies says:

    Thank for beautiful early morning Mass. Please pray for us all here in this Nursing Home in Shepparton Victoria /Australia

    We are praying for a worker who has rested positive for covid.

    Jennifer Davies .

  10. Peter Mathews says:

    Thank you for your beautiful mass.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share.
    Watching from country Vic/Aust

  11. Colleen Friedrichs says:

    Thank you Most Holy Rev. Donald E Degrood. I have attended this Mass several weeks now and am grateful for your words of hope and encouragement.

  12. Quentin Bruggeman says:

    Thank you for the beautiful mass and sermon and singing so good

  13. Nancy Hollo says:

    Joining you from Florida today. What a beautiful Mass! It put me in the presence of God, even streaming on my little phone. A visit to St. Joseph Cathedral is now on my bucket list

  14. Frank Squillace says:

    Thank you Bishop – beautiful and moving homily this Holy Thursday! (P.S. You clearly made the correct decision to keep people at a distance so indeed we have a healthy flock to attend Mass again once this pandemic subsides – thank you!)

  15. Raymond Martin says:

    Greetings from afar.Grateful to attend Palm Sunday Holy Mass at your beatiful Cathedral though on line.
    Your homily was so inspiring and the soulful singing in English and Latin so uplifting.
    May God give us the grace and strength to go through these challenging days.
    Seeking your Apostolic Blessing on me and my family. Thank Yoi Your Lordship.

  16. Nicola Edwards says:

    Watching in from Sydney, Australia. What a beautiful mass with such inspiring singing. Thank you to all involved in these times of Coronavirus. Keep safe!

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